Current Funding
Funding Source Grantor Number StartEndGrant Title
USDA58-1907-4-030 2015-09-012016-08-31 Genomes to Networks: Understanding Function Utilizing Genomic Sequencing, Comparative and Network Based Approaches (McCombie)
University of Arizona DBI-1265383 2013-09-01 2018-08-31 iPlant Collaborative: Cyberinfrastructure for Life Sciences (Goff)
University of Arizona MCB-1026200 2010-08-152015-07-31 (On 1 Yr. NCE) CPGS Oryza Genome Evolution (Wing)
Pioneer Hi-Bred Inc TRAC 18150 / PIONEER 2012-03-152017-06-30 Pioneer Research Collaboration Agreement to Investigate Regulatory Networks Governing Nitrogen Use Efficiency
Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL/DOE) DOE-200965 2011-11-29 2016-09-30 KBase: An Integrated Knowledgebase for Predictive Biology and Environmental Research (Arkin)
NSFIOS-1127112 2012-06-01 2017-05-31IPGA: Gramene – Exploring Function through Comparative Genomics and Network Analysis
Cornell UniversityIOS-1238014 2013-05-152018-04-30 Biology of Rare Alleles in Maize and its Wild Relatives (Maize Diversity) (Buckler)
NSFIOS-1445025 2016-06-15 2019-05-31 MaizeCODE – An Initial Analysis of Functional Elements in the Maize Genome (Gingeras)
USDA ARS1907-21000-030-00D 2013-01-01 2017-12-31 Enhancing Plant Genome Function Maps Through Genomic, Genetic, Computational and Collaborative Research
NSFPRFB 1523793 2015-08-01 2018-08-01NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology FY 2015